As an industrial engineer, there are three very important things, among a host of positive qualities, about working with Mauricio that I want to highlight as I really appreciate them:

1. Willingness to deliver a product: I can always count with the fact that if I request he takes care of a project, he does do it and finish it as I need it. Because of this, we can always plan our projects with certainty as we know that whatever needs to be done, he's going to get done.

2. Timeliness: If he says it's going to be done on such date, he always has it done on that date. This makes working with him a very predictable activity and this adds ease and certainty, as tasks flow and products get delivered.

3. Technical expertise: He knows his trade; when he says it can be done, he always gets it done. But he also is willing to point out what can be problematic and always finds a way to sort things out in a way that the end result is always better. Because of this, he is a very trust-worthy professional and is always adding value to what he does.

Felipe Correa, I.E., Executive Director, The Hendricks Institute

In re-designing our website, Mauricio took the time to patiently listen to our needs. As we worked with him, we experienced both his practical approach as well as his awareness of the aesthetic qualities we sought to achieve in designing our website. It was a delight to sit with him as he walked us through our website.

Don MacMannis, Ph.D.

I am a psychologist and a writer who needed a website designed to promote both my private practice and my writing endeavors, which is why I contracted with Mauricio Mendez. This was an important marketing tool for me to have as prospective patients and writing assignments are now almost entirely made through the internet.

His work was impeccable and done on a timely basis. And, what I especially appreciated was how informative he was about this new technology (new to a luddite like myself) and was very agreeable to work with.

It has paid off for me as many of my new patients have mentioned how they found me through my informative and attractive website. I also secured a very nice magazine column assignment as a result of the website that Mauricio created for me.

Michael Seabaugh, Ph.D.

Mauricio was a real pleasure to work with on converting my homemade iWeb website to a professional site on WordPress. Through the complex process of recreating and redesigning my existing site on a new platform, Mauricio was highly capable, always responsive, and unfailingly patient. I would happily call on him to lead me through any future web project.

Annette Makino, makinostudios.com

Mauricio was referred to me by a close friend as a skilled web designer to work with me on creating a new blog site. I am new to blogging, knew the feel that I wanted to achieve on a site, but had not experience not had not one clue how to get going. I did not want a cookie cutter, template version. I wanted something fresh, unique and reflective of me.

Mauricio worked with me patiently, and skillfully from the first embryo of the idea to the final launch. He listened closely to what I was looking for, interpreted with intuition what I wanted, and applied good design to the process. I am very appreciative for, again, the patience that he offered, as well as the professional expertise that he brought to my project.

I recommend Mauricio and he will continue to work with me in my project as it grows.

Konnie Warburton, omgsantacruz.com

Mauricio Mendez is an excellent webmaster. We rely on his expertise and calmness. He is creative and thoughtful and does a great job. We are lucky to work with Mauricio.

Dr. Jennifer Freed, Rendy Freedman - Co Directors of AHA!

Mauricio helped me with with many aspects of my website including content updates, minor redesigns (of my testimonials page), and WordPress tutoring. Mauricio is flexible, helpful, and reliable. The website world can be a little scary and confusing but he makes it approachable and understandable. I couldn't be happier working with Mauricio and recommend him highly.

Sophie Spier